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Fundamental data errors in Suffolk educational case Acrobat Viv Hughes PhD
Suffolk evidence for closing middle schools "seriously flawed"   Sebastian Barnes, OECD
Socio-economic impact on UK school results Weblink National Statistics Online
Facts, Lies and Underhand Tactics Acrobat  
The Ambiguities of Comparing Transfer "affects"
between two and three-tier systems
Acrobat Jenny Symonds, Cambridge University
Parents Against Change, updated powerpoint presentation PowerPoint  
Suffolk schools' performance analyzed on socio-economic basis Acrobat Dr Viv Hughes
The impact of school size and single-sex education Weblink National Foundation for Educational Research
3-tier to 2-tier: Is it worth it? Acrobat Julia Millar, Charlotte Cotton, Sudbury parents
Councillors Briefing Document Acrobat Suffolk CC
Response to Suffolk's FAQs Acrobat Riverside Middle School Governors
What you can do now Word PAC leaflet
"The Yawning Hole and other stories:
problems with Suffolk CC's Pupil Performance Research"
Word Neil Fleming, chair Badwell Ash PTFA
- A response by St Felix CEVC Middle School Governors

Word St Felix School Governors
Response by St Felix CEVC Middle School Governors to the report and recommendations of the Policy Development Panel Word St Felix School Governors
More choice for parents and pupils: Government white paper Acrobat Department for Education and Skills
"How James will go to school"
Acrobat Lowestoft parents
The charts that are not in Suffolk County Council's study Powerpoint Roxanne Clark, Great Cornard
Proposals to reorganise middle schools in Suffolk: A national perspective Word Nigel Wyatt, National Middle Schools' Forum
Briefing Paper: Issues and Problems in Schools Reorganization Word National Middle Schools' Forum
BEDFORDSHIRE: A case for retaining the Existing 3 Tier Structure (Word) Word Paul Dickens, Chair of Governors, Parkfields
Potential Impact on a Newmarket Five-Year-Old Word  
Sample letter to Councillors Word Tina Jessup, Blackbourne
Alternative sample letter Word Save Suffolk Middle Schools, Riverside Middle

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