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Council claims
it's "working with" trades unions, as NUT blasts lack of consultation
Apr 29, 2007
Suffolk County Council continued its shocking record of distorting the truth in communications to parents this week, issuing a leaflet via school bookbags in which it claims: "We are already working with the trades unions to develop guidelines on keeping and recruiting staff".
Contrast this with a letter dated April 20th from the National Union of Teachers to Ian Brown, Head of Infrastructure Development, at the Council's education department.
The letter, from Suffolk division secretary Martin Goold, states:
"..there has been no agreement with the Trade Unions over consultation structures at either County Strategic, Local Scrutiny or within the area stakeholder groups...At least one of the Unions has lodged a dispute over this matter, and the others are in sympathy with that action."
The NUT charges that the Council has taken to consulting the unions only after it has taken decisions -- a pattern that will be familiar to parents and schools governors from the Council's behaviour in recent months.
Goold writes:
"As expressed in the consultation meeting on 18th, it is not acceptable to the Unions to be “consulted” after the event. Such things are happening regularly, and this is in total contravention of the principles of the partnership agreement we have signed with the County Council."
So in SCC-speak "working with" the unions means leaving them out of the consultation process.
The NUT is concerned that SCC should have put in place an employment stability policy before it took any decision on the future of education.
This it has not done.
It also left the unions completely out of a hasty consultation process, timed to coincide with the Easter school holidays, on which area of Suffolk should be first in the next phase of review.
Download the NUT's letter in full here
Meanwhile, in its efforts to make the Council's vote of March 22 appear conclusive, the Children's and Young People's Services (CYP) group meanwhile began its letter to parents this week by telling them the Council:
" move to a preferred option of an all two-tier system.."
How exactly do you move to an option...?
What the Council voted for was a preference, not a move.


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