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Middle Schools are "Treasures". Suffolk should "leave them alone" says top children's author

Feb 18

Award-winning author of children's and teenage fiction Tim Bowler has blasted Suffolk County Council's proposed plan to scrap three-tier schooling in the county, calling Middle Schools "treasures".

"I'm horrified to learn that Suffolk middle schools are under threat," says Bowler, whose novel "River Boy" won the prestigious Carnegie Medal for children's literature in 1997.

If Suffolk County Council votes on March 22 to approve a plan by its education department, the county will lose all its Middle Schools over a period of about ten years - destroying a unique ethos of the very kind Unicef said this week was so sadly missing across Britain.

"Having worked with Worlingham, Beccles and Gisleham over the years and run courses for the gifted writers from these and the other Northern Area middle schools, I cannot believe that there are moves afoot to shut such institutions down," says Bowler.

"They're treasures. Leave them alone," he says.


Tim Bowler at a school book-signing

Born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, Bowler now lives in Devon. His other works for children include "Starseeker", "Apocalypse", "Blood on Snow" and "Storm Catchers".