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Middle School pulls out of Suffolk's "teacher recruitment service"
Following Suffolk County Council's cynical decision last week to remove a warm description of the benefits of Middle Schools from its teacher recruitment website, a headteacher has canceled her school's subscription to the council's recruitment service.

Julie Bidwell, head of Westley Middle School in Bury St Edmunds served notice on the council that she was no longer prepared to pay an annual £740 for a non-existent service. "It is fair to say that the website message as it stands is not providing a recruitment service to Suffolk middle schools and is doing nothing to aid retention either," Ms Bidwell said in an email to the council's education department.

""The previous statement (see here) promoted the very positive opportunities within middle schools and should have been added to rather than deleted. I have always been happy to support the (teacher recruitment) service in the past and regret that support has not been reciprocated now that the need is critical."

The "airbrushed" recruitment page, whose positive message directly contradicted the negative spin on Middle Schools which permeates the council's "Development Panel Report", now baldly advises would-be Middle School teachers that council cabinet is recommending their abolition.
Morale among Middle School teachers is rapidly sinking, as the Council digs an ever-deeper hole for itself, blithely ignoring its own reminder to itself in January 2006, that: "Any structural change, or even discussion of such change, is a potential cause of disruption to children’s education. A key consideration of the review process will be how to maintain confidence in the current pattern while the review is under way, and to maximise the positive impact and minimise the disruption associated with any proposed change.