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Oh Look....

(updated Feb 5)

Whatever can have happened to Suffolk County Council's Middle School teacher recruitment page, which explained the benefits of Middle Schools so well? For several days, the link was broken (see picture),

Now the page has gone back on the site, but the enthusiastic description of the benefits of Middle Schools is gone. The page now says that the Council's cabinet is recommending the abolition of Middle Schools, and then proceeds to treat this "recommendation" as a foregone conclusion.

It makes much of the "unique" opportunities would-be Middle School teachers might get, but leaves them in no doubt that three-tier schooling is going away.

Luckily, Parents Against Change anticipated the original page's demise and made a copy of its contents before it was airbrushed from the Council's website in a bid to re-write history worthy of the Soviet Union. Except it's not history. Every word that Suffolk County Council has removed was true.

Here are the key passages, or you can read the original full text of the recruitment page here.

Quote: "Middle schools in Suffolk have an atmosphere which is exciting and unique. Aims and objectives are ... dedicated to the further achievement of higher standards within a caring community. Middle schools are concerned with how children learn as well as what they learn. Attention to the needs of the individual pupil is a particularly strong feature of middle school life..."

"Both educationally and socially pupils benefit from the unique opportunities provided by middle schools. Middle schools have been acknowledged as presenting one of the most enriching and formative environments in which it is possible to learn."

Parents against Change urges you to write to your Councillor and your MP and ask why the Council now believes it is necessary to suppress its own literature on Middle Schools. What on earth are they up to?

See also this story in the East Anglian Daily Times.

Jan 24, 2007