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Number crunching

This little analysis demonstrates quite how much money SCC may be proposing to throw away to no good purpose. Of course, £23 million is only the start - it is the cost of managing the project, not the cost of building new schools.

Education chief Patricia O'Brien has said the schools building cost will be between £55 and £78 million.

Pupils gaining 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE: Two-tier Suffolk 1
Pupils gaining 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE: Three-tier Suffolk 1
Difference between the two systems
40 pupils
Cost of schools review, project management, teacher training in switch to all-Suffolk two-tier2
£23 million
Cost per pupil for the 40 pupils
Cost per pupil over 10 years
Boarding fees for one pupil at Eton per year (2007 fees)
Cost to send 40 pupils to do their GCSE year at Eton for 10 years
Money saved by dropping "all 2-tier" plan and sending kids to Eton3

1: Normalized figures by Prof David Jesson, York University, Annexe 4, Suffolk Policy Development Panel Report
2: Estimated cost of proposed scheme, Suffolk Policy Development Panel Report. Further cost of change to two-tier only will be £55-78 million, part-funded from sale of Middle School buildings. Source: Patricia O'Brien radio interview. Warning: the cost of local government projects can go up as well as down.
3: None of the remaining 54,960 children in Suffolk's 3 tier system would be harmed in the making of this policy.