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Replies received from MPs and Councillors

From: In reply to:
Cllr Selwyn Prior Simon Keswick
Cllr Julian Swainson Sarah Goddard-Tandy
Cllr Jeremy Pembroke Sarah Goddard-Tandy
Cllr Eddy Alcock Sarah Goddard-Tandy
Cllr Malcolm Cherry Sarah Goddard-Tandy
Cllr Rae Leighton Dave Foster
Cllr Jane Storey Lindsay Keswick
Cllr Joanna Spicer Laura Davis
Richard Spring MP Charlotte Hare and others
David Ruffley, MP Constituents
Jeremy Pembroke Sally Wainman
Jane Midwood Christopher Donnachie & others
Joanna Spicer Numerous letters
Roger Bellham Louise Eales; Adrian Ward
Kathy Pollard Allison Hembery
Stuart Parry, or possibly Ian Brown? Alfie Godfrey, age 9
Various Councillors and officials Many of your letters
Cllr Kathy Pollard John Hicks
Cllr Jeremy Pembroke Lindsay Keswick
Cllr Jane Midwood Christopher Donnachie
Cllr Bill Bishop Susan Bennett
Cllr Bill Bishop Louise Eales
Bob Blizzard, MP Peter Parke
Cllr Jeremy Pembroke Neil Fleming & others
Cllrs Paul & Rebecca Hopfensberger Public Letter
Cllr Jeremy Pembroke Alfie Godfrey
Cllr Ann Whybrow Allison Hembery
Cllr Julia Truelove Allison Hembery
Richard Spring MP Claire Kilmister
Cllr Jane Storey Claire Kilmister
Cllr Jane Storey Neil Fleming
Cllr Jane Storey Debbie and John Seeley



Please keep sending us the replies you receive. Many of you writing to your councillors have received no reply, or a form letter (repliesd"tter=see the typical one here), or in some cases even just a copy of a press release(!)

Please note that Tory Councillors appear over the past two weeks to have received new "spin" instructions. This involves replying to your letters by saying that "many parents" are worried not by the abolition of Middle Schools but by "how" that abolition will be implemented.

This is like claiming the condemned man doesn't mind being executed - he's just worried about the method...

We have seen no evidence that this is true, All the letters we have received for this site oppose the abolition outright.

Thus this looks to us like a tactic aimed simply at getting past the planned March 22 vote on school reform.