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Parents Against Change (PAC) was formed by parents, governors and other concerned parties within Suffolk, who believe that the proposed re-organisation of the school system in Suffolk, and the scrapping of the three-tier education system, is not in the best long-term interests of our children.

Despite the name (and media recognition means we are stuck with the name) PAC is not a group of reactionaries. We are in favour of anything that benefits our children and their education.

But we are not in favour of change for its own sake, for the sake of "making a splash," or being seen to do something, We are not in favour of changes to our education system that are financially or politically motivated, or are based on a misunderstanding of the government's pupil performance data.

Our Save Our Schools campaign in opposition to the recommendations of Suffolk County Council's Schools Organisation Review, is based on the following position:

  PAC condemns
abusive tactics

The future of our children is an emotional issue, and all parents react emotionally to people or events which appear to threaten children.

Nevertheless, we will not win over our Councillors by abusive, threatening or childish behaviour. We are intelligent adult people. We can and will persuade Councillors to change their minds by showing them where they have been misled.

PAC condemns the use of abusive or threatening tactics and asks parents not to engage in such tactics in PAC's name.

Middle Schools work, and they work in Suffolk, providing a unique environment which supports the educational, emotional and social well-being of our children.
Suffolk County Council’s "evidence" for claiming that a move to a 2-tier system would lead to improved pupil performance is seriously flawed. There is no difference in GCSE and A-Level results county-wide that points to a problem with three-tier schooling. But there is strong evidence that three-tier schooling works better in parts of Suffolk.
Our children's long-term education will be negatively affected by the significant disruption and uncertainty resulting from these recommendations.
The huge sums of public money which would be spent on a re-organisation would reap greater benefits from investment in the current system.
The consultation process with parents was and continues to be poorly managed and does not properly represent the opinions of parents and children within the County.



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